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Here at SanChip we produce microfluidic chips (microslides, multichannels etc …) and laboratory items such as chambers, multiwell, glass-bottom petri dishes etc … useful in the life sciences sector and for fluorescence imaging on cells, bacteria and tissues.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to design and prototype specific chips or items for your technological application or study.

We will dedicate to the creation of ad-hoc items that respond and adapt perfectly to every need or instrument.


Nowadays, global competition is getting stronger and the process of innovation and development of new products/services must be faster and faster, and it is crucial to guarantee the success of a company. therefore, the need to continually improve  performance of products and  to develop new ones is growing.

Here at SanChip, with our team of experts in the scientific and engineering  fields we will help you finding the best solutions to technical-industrial problems by providing specialist knowledge and skills.

We will dedicate our time to understanding your problems, your needs and your business to make you reaching your goals in the shortest possible time and by searching for the best technologies, creating a competitive advantage that makes you stand out.


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Start up

Start up

To validate your idea and to refine  your product/service.


For design and supply of low cost and performing devices for imaging.



To understand whether to invest in particular technologies and  where the margins for improvement are.


R&D Divisions

To speed up and optimize the realization of new products/services.