Beyond Sensing

Scientific and Engineering Solutions

Low cost microfluidic chips and device for imaging

Low cost production of microfluidic chips and laboratory items for cell, bacterial and tissue imaging. Possibility of design and prototyping of personalized items based on the technological application and customer needs.

Problem Solving

A mission: Offer the best and rapid breakthrough solution to any scientific/engineering problem.
A specialized and diversified team ready to provide the adequate support with maximum timeliness, professionalism and efficiency.

Research & Development

Small devices for big results. Customized Microfluidic Lab-on-Chip development and design to satisfy any client request in industrial, agrifood and biomedical environment.
We produce game-changing devices able to perform high-sensitivity analyses placing the power of an entire lab into a miniaturized device in the palm of your hand.


real time oil condition monitoring

Real-Time OCM

Our idea consists of developing a remotely manageable device based on Lab-on-Chip technology that integrates a series of operations, commonly performed in a laboratory, into a miniaturized chip. In this case, the operations consist of a series of measurements that allow to detect the chemical-physical parameters of a lubricant in order to assess both the lubricant’s ageing process but also the wear of the machinery in which it is used.

SanChip goal is to help industrial machinery owners moving to a predictive maintenance strategy:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Optimising maintenance schedule
  • Maximising return on investment
  • Being sustainable by minimising lubricant waste

This increase  the cash back given from the machine to the owner making it convenient to use our system.


New product development and production


Lab on Chip tecnology

Experienced, driven and passionate team